Open Source


rose colored, or not. we all want to offer something.

I was my own hypocrite when I heard the words "but what if someone takes my ideas" come out of my mouth. The one thing that many others and I have never wanted was to restrict our thoughts or creations to the public. That is why we chose our field. So here I am, not being my own demon. Here is to open sourcing-- our ability to find some kind of valued unity for humankind.

School of thought


special thanks

Continuously as humans we have a desire to grow and explore, this is a place for that personal exploration with those around me. We enjoy asking that larger question of why architecture and the built environment matters along with the idea that we can inform new ideas that can make all environments a healthier place to belong.

To my family, for always saying yes to my crazy ideas. To Alison and Brook; for being not only incredible mentors and letting me into your world of thought, but also for being my friend. To Phil, Jamie and Greg, for inspiring my education and career into a space that I would have never see alone. For American Institutes of Architecture students; who have shaped me into the woman in regards to leadership.