Intensive Hydrology

Within the city of Portland, there is an interesting case for what the challenge and opportunity is, in terms of water catchment on all levels and the fact that climate change is a major impact, not only now but for our future generations.

As a studio and students that are advocates of the environment— how can we implement an infrastructure and hydrological system that is a proponent for engaging and accepting change, how can these systems not only become a part of the building but also the urban landscape and culture.

Can we design a “toolkit” that is implemented in all areas of the world and can be catered to their water needs/culture/climate.


Goals for curriculum:

Understanding water distribution and local water
Housing unit design and layout that would work for a 2-3 people layout defining what is acceptable for human needs
to design a toolkit, for more holistic water systems specifically on site

resilience reeducating reclaiming

creating a building that is accepting change and a proponent for future endeavors