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Explorative Domes

This explorative form takes the reflection of its surroundings and does justice to the environment and inhabitants. Beginning to blend the horizons of architecture and its understanding of ecological design knowing that we can possibly safely reside within the natural environment, which is what we were created in. These thoughts and experiments ask the larger question of design: What happens when we stop thinking about architecture and nature as different forms and allow them to be one in unison, companionship on the same working plane? These are just the beginnings of this question and what they look like. This form can be different than domes, it is open for change and growth. The hope is that it will grow into a larger project and focus of questioning the larger idea of what we do in our industry of design.

What occurs when two forms come together is the ordinary definition of moments in occupying space. Either two objects are celebrated and connected by an "alley" or they collide not only creating two spaces but three when they intersect. 


Within each environment it changes in terms of its ability to change the personal experience, but still finds its intersections of multiple space creation. Whether the domes are enclosed or in nature, it will change over time-- because of its inhabitants and the overall aging of any material that is chosen for a project.